A new Marvel fighting game is Supposedly in Development


There are rumors that Marvel is joining forces with Electronic Arts to develop a new fighting game. The popular comic and movie juggernaut has experienced something of a resurgence in the gaming world over the past few years thanks to big hits like Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man series, and smaller successes like Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy by Eidos Montreal, and even more interactive games. adventures on the way. Later this year, developer XCOM Firaxis will release Marvel’s Midnight Suns, a supernatural-themed game, and Insomniac hopes to develop its growing shared universe of superhero games with Marvel’s Wolverine in development.

There have also been rumors of a brand new Marvel-themed fighting game, and Mortal Kombat and Injustice NetherRealm studios are said to be developing this new superhero clash. Over the past two years, various leaks have given clues about the potential roster of playable heroes and villains in this new Marvel fighting game, and some fans have even gone so far as to suggest that there may be a crossover between the iconic cast of Marvel characters and heroes. rival publisher DC Comics. However, most industry insiders claim that instead, NetherRealm has focused its efforts on the yet-to-be-announced Mortal Kombat 12, and some new developments hint that if a Marvel-based fighting game is in development, then now it can be made by a completely different studio.

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Earlier this week Comicbook.com reported a leak from gaming insider Nick Baker claiming that EA is working with Marvel on a brand new video game, although the exact details have not yet been confirmed. Another report from a Twitter user and rumor hunter about Mortal Kombat The Thin, published earlier today, complements these leaks by claiming that this supposed EA Marvel title is a fighting game, and while he doesn’t have specific words on whether it’s really true, his source said to be similar to the ones that are correct predicted the upcoming crossover Warner Bros. MultiVersus.

While most Marvel fighting games were presented in the form of the legendary Marvel Vs. Capcom, EA once collaborated with the House of Ideas to create Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects 2005 — a lesser-known 3D brawl in which heroes such as Spider-Man, X-Men and Daredevil confront a mysterious group of original characters. . The reviews and sales data for Rise of the Imperfects were tepid at best, ending EA’s brief partnership with Marvel a year after its release. However, it is possible that EA could use its own EA Canada studio and its experience in the EA Sports UFC series to create a more well-received superhero game.

This suggests that these claims that EA is developing a Marvel-based fighting game are indeed true, since none of the companies that will participate in such a project have disclosed anything official. However, there are many fans who are hoping for a great Marvel fighting game after the lackluster reception of Marvel Vs 2017. Capcom Infinite and the much greater success of the two Injustice games from NetherRealm. Only time will tell how accurate the rumors shared by Nick Baker and The Thiny are, so fans will have to keep a close eye on any official announcements from Marvel or Electronic Arts about any future collaboration.