A New Marvel Event Adds One Twist To the Civil War That Changes Everything


This summer, Marvel Comics is currently preparing for its new Civil War-like event: Judgment Day. Doomsday, also known as AXE: Judgment Day, pits three central teams from the Marvel universe against each other, with A.X.E. stands for Avengers, X-Men, Eternal. However, a recent interview showed not just another Civil War in which heroes fight heroes, but one simple twist that could change the formula of the classic Marvel crossover idea.

“Judgment Day,” written by Kieron Gillen, follows Gillen’s release of 12 issues of “The Eternals,” which marked the beginning of this event. The Eternals ended up with a group of immortals fighting the Avengers after a particularly unsuccessful battle. Thanos was previously named Prime Eternal, which upset the Avengers after they found out about it. While the Avengers thought they deserved to know this information, the Eternals thought their longer lifespan meant it was their call to do what was best for Earth, with the Avengers as an auxiliary. With the treacherous Druig now called Prime Eternal, the stage is also set for a conflict between the Eternals and the X-Men. Druig, who views mutants as Deviants, believes that the X-Men’s recent discovery of immortality is considered an “excessive deviation” within mutants. Since the Eternals are coded so as to extinguish the excessive deviation they encounter, a collision between the two groups is planned in the near future.

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“Judgment Day” officially begins with the prelude “AXE: Eve of Judgment” on July 13. “Judgment Day No. 1” follows on July 20. In the series, the Eternals and the X-Men will fight face-to-face with the Avengers lying somewhere in the middle. , largely oblivious to the fact that the conflict started. While preparing for the event, author Kieron Gillen teased in an interview with Entertainment Weekly one clear difference from the traditional Marvel “hero vs. hero” event: there is a villain in “Doomsday.”

In previous events Marvel’s Civil War has traditionally been played by both sides with opposing teams, rather than calling one side a villain. However, in “Doomsday,” Gillen made it clear that he considers the Eternals “bad guys.” Although he believes that all sides have their own difficulties and heroes, the Eternals will be portrayed as the aggressors of the event. This position makes a lot of sense. With Druig in charge of the Eternals, it’s no wonder he incited his clan to some kind of war at the first opportunity. The Krakoa mutants interfering with immortality and threatening their place among evolutionary changes provide an excellent opportunity for a conflict between the two groups. Gillen said that, in his opinion, the Eternals have “understandable reasons”, but they are still a hostile group of three.

The Eternals have always been a group known for their feuds and wars among themselves, so it will be interesting to see how some of their most heroic members struggle with being aggressors. Doomsday. This certainly raises the stakes for the event, preventing it from being a simple battle between the Avengers, the Eternals and the X-Men. Allowing one group to be the “villains” of Doomsday provides an interesting twist to the hero vs. hero formula that can breathe new life into the classic event structure. Marvel’s Civil War.