A New Linux-Exclusive Gaming Platform Is Coming: Meet GamePad


For Linux lovers, a completely Linux-specific gaming platform is coming, which will eliminate the hassle of playing games. The project named GamePad, which is funded at Kickstarter, is planned to be completed next month.

Linux is not a player-friendly platform and is generally not preferred for gaming. Still, Linux community developers do a good job by providing support for graphics drivers and new games to provide a better gaming experience. Better still, a Linux-specific gaming platform is on the way.

GamePad started Kickstarter campaign as a completely Linux-specific game platform. The platform was inspired by the digital distribution platform GOG (Good Old Games) for video games and movies. GamePad is designed as a free and open source platform. So developers will be able to change the source code to add new features to the platform and customize it to create their own clients for any Linux distribution.

Playing on Linux can be difficult due to platform incompatibility. Most games are primarily designed for Windows and are optional for Linux. For this reason, many Linux users are forced to switch to Windows or use the WINE emulator because they cannot enjoy the games.

GamePad is developed exclusively for the Linux operating system and adds new games to the store for Linux lovers. It also includes games that have only been tried and tested by a real person, instead of using algorithms to avoid instability or errors in the game. GamePad aims not to compete with platforms like Steam, GOG, Lutris, but to develop the open platform.

GamePad also plans to collaborate with other platforms to patch it. The platform can also be run via WINE or Flatpak package manager. GamePad is funded at Kickstarter with a project that will last until March 2020. You can access the Kickstarter page of the Linux game platform GamePad here.