A New Level of Galactus’ Power Solves the Problem With Marvel’s Cosmic Gods


Marvel’s hierarchy of cosmic gods has been changed forever after the power that Galactus possesses turned out to be stronger than the second most powerful entity in the universe, and while at first glance this may seem bordering on blasphemy, it actually solves a serious problem for future storylines.

Galactus began his life as a man named Galan, who existed in the universe before the birth of the Marvel universe. During the multiverse renewal cycle, Galan’s universe was on the verge of destruction, and instead of sitting back and letting himself be destroyed along with the rest of existence, Galan sent his spaceship into the center of a catastrophic event. When he did, Galan was not killed, but became part of a new universe that was created simultaneously with the destruction of his original one. Galan was filled with cosmic energy, which came with the birth of a new universe known as the Cosmic Force. From that moment on, Galan became a world eater known as Galactus, a cosmic being who was free to use his Cosmic Power as he wished—a power whose limits had recently expanded exponentially.

In “Iron Man #18” by Christopher Cantwell and Lana Medina, Tony Stark comes to terms with his god-like power after he and his enemy Korvak were washed by the cosmic power of Galactus earlier in the series. At this point, Tony Stark took control of the Earth, using his new god form to try to turn the planet into a perfect utopia. At the same time, Korvats was in the custody of the Living Tribunal and Mediator for his crimes against the universe after he and Iron Man were exposed to the Cosmic Force. However, at the end of this issue, Korvats unexpectedly appears on Earth, as he defeated the Living Tribunal and escaped from its clutches, while using the power of Galactus.

Not only did he escape from the Living Tribunal and Mediator, but Korvats says he destroyed them, which is absolutely unheard of, especially considering his relatively low level of strength. The Living Tribunal itself is the second most powerful being in the Marvel universe after the Almighty, so the idea that Galactus could defeat him in battle based on Korvak’s success is a huge event in Marvel lore, although this is not necessarily the case. bad. Every time there are cosmic disturbances among the Marvel gods, there are always new gods to create these disturbances, as the hierarchy has been established forever. The most recent example of this is Knull in The King in Black, and while this storyline was epic, it would be tedious if every time a divine-level event occurred, there had to be a new introduced character going beyond the established power table. to stir things up. In this issue of Iron Man, it is stated that although the Living Tribunal is stronger than Galactus, this does not mean that Galactus will automatically lose to him during the battle — it means that lower-level gods now have the opportunity to rebel and destroy collectivism.

This principle actually makes a lot of sense, given similar circumstances on a much smaller scale in Marvel Comics storylines. For example, Spider-Man was able to defeat the Fantastic Four in battle when he first met them, although together they were physically and intellectually stronger than him. This idea can now be applied to the cosmic level, as it indicates that if Galactus fights wisely and uses his power well, he may have a chance against a Living Tribunal, and not just lose to him in an instant. The updated Galactus power level solves the problem with Marvel’s cosmic gods, changing the balance of power and creating a much more interesting landscape for future stories.