A new infamous game would be perfect in the current era of superheroes


As the superhero genre continues to gain momentum in movies and on television, several fantastic games have appeared that have followed suit. From the commercially underrated Guardians of the Galaxy by Eidos Montreal to the upcoming Gotham Knights by WB Montreal, the cultural adoration of the supernatural is growing day by day. This does not mean that this genre was inactive before, since Infamous has been leading throughout the PlayStation 3 generation. Nevertheless, with the exception of a couple of PS4 releases, Sucker Punch has largely abandoned it.

In his quest to bring players to feudal Japan with the help of Ghost of Tsushima, the developer left Infamous in the background. However, since many modern entertainment uses superheroes and game design has shifted towards the open world, the landscape of 2022 indicates that a game like Infamous will be well received. Not only will it satisfy fans of the series if they see a new story by Cole McGrath or Delsin Rowe, but it can also bring something new to a genre dominated by just a few companies.

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Infamous Could Break Marvel and DC’s Control over Games

In both movies and video games, superhero titles are usually produced by one of two major companies. DC and Marvel have been fighting for the hearts of comic book fans for decades, and the MCU has been constantly confronted with inconsistent releases of DC movies. Infamous doesn’t belong to either of them, and while this may hurt its sales, it also offers something new in terms of characters, world-building, and storytelling that can be seen in DC projects. and Marvel. Sucker Punch currently has no plans for a new Infamous game, but it could leave money on the table.

However, Sucker Punch is a prime candidate to develop something related to Marvel or DC, largely due to his success in this genre with Infamous. However, not everyone likes the stranglehold these comic titans have in the entertainment industry, and there have been series from other companies that have something to appreciate. Whether it’s the implacable violence and brutality of The Boys or the unpredictable origin story of a strong protagonist in Invincible from Image, being a superhero not owned by Marvel or DC is a draw in itself, leaving room for Infamous in 2022.

Superheroes in the open world

As the 2020s approach, it’s becoming clear that more and more players are finding pleasure in open worlds for third-person single player play. One of the key reasons why Guardians of the Galaxy didn’t gain such popularity was that its level design was linear, which seemed outdated compared to other superhero games. When Spider-Man has to explore the whole of Manhattan, and Batman can roam the roofs of Arkham City, all 16 chapters of the Guardians of the Eidos of Montreal seem more limited than purposeful.

Infamous Second Son gave players the first truly great open world of the generation, an extensive and exciting look at Seattle, which used the power of the latest Sony console. Delsin could use his powers of smoke, neon, video and concrete to wreak havoc in the city or save the lives of its unassuming residents. The new Infamous game, which repeats its success in another city, can bring back the magic of the series, while maintaining the popularity of the superhero genre, which will give PlayStation fans another reason to download their PS5.

Superheroes are very popular now, but in 2009, when Infamous came out, this was not the case. At the time, this genre was still considered somewhat niche, so rebooting this franchise in today’s conditions would satisfy a culture that is much more inclined to give it a chance. Marvel and DC may rule the video game scene, but before Insomniac took on the iconic web slinger and Rocksteady took on Caped Crusader, Sucker Punch was leading the way in creating superheroes in video games, and he could do it again.