A new game mode for Call of Duty Mobile


The game, which has been actively played by many, has proven itself with nearly 500 million downloads worldwide since its launch. Call of Duty Mobile is on the agenda with a new game mode called Secondary Weapon.

Call of Duty Mobile is on the agenda with Secondary Weapon game mode

The game, which was recently published in China, has reached 50 million downloads nationwide. Call of Duty, which gained the appreciation of the users with its new game modes, removed some game modes.

Call of Duty İkincil Silah oyun modu

The company, which removed Pumpkin Confirmed, Halloween Standoff and Attack of the Undead modes, will also remove the Undead Fog and Hardcore Collection game modes in the near future. Many players want the halloween-themed mods to arrive next year as well.

Although the newly developed Secondary Weapon game mode is similar to the classic 5 vs 5 mode, players who prefer this mode will only be able to use their secondary weapons. The company thinks that the competition will increase even more thanks to the newly released game mode.

The company also introduced a game mode called Capture and Hold, which is similar to the Capture the Flag game mode. Players will have to win 3 flags from their enemies in 2 rounds, which will take 8 minutes in total.

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