A new feature appeared on the Play Store!


Play Store, the app store of the Android ecosystem, has launched a new feature that will make it easier for users…

Google Play Store has added a more prominent button to check for updates. This store is the default place to buy subscriptions for apps, movies and television, music, books and news for all Android devices. The developers of the store are trying to please the users by adding new features. Finally, we see that a feature that users have difficulty in noticing has been updated. Let’s look at the old and the new feature in question together…

Play Store opened the new feature to a limited number of users

Server-side updates are pretty common in Google’s store. However, a new update is more geared towards users. According to 9to5Google’s report, there is now a much more obvious way for some users to check for updates in the store.

In this screenshot, we see the ‘Update Play Store’ button.

For some users, a new feature has started to appear. Accordingly, this new option under Play Store > Settings > About builds on existing functionality only. Below the store version is an ‘Update Play Store’ button. This allows users to easily check if an upgrade is available in the app store.

Prior to this change, Google’s store offered a way to check for updates to its own app. Tapping the version number of the store led to checking for available updates to the app. However, since there is no clear indication of this function, most users were not even aware of its existence.

Now the button that comes with the new update makes it easier for users to actually check for updates on the Play Store. It also makes it more obvious. However, this new Play Store feature has not been released widely yet. It still takes time for some users.

Kyle Bradshaw saw the new option on the Pixel 6 Pro device and immediately took a screenshot. There is at least one report showing that it works on Android 10 as well. We hope the new option will become more widely available soon.

So, what are your thoughts on this subject? Will this latest move of the Play Store really make things easier for users? Well, is there a function in the store that you have difficulty finding? We are waiting your comments…