A New Era In The Combination Of Instagram DM And Messenger!


The integration between Instagram DM and Messenger is growing. Group chats can now be done together.


Facebook is working to integrate the applications it has under its roof with each other. In this context, last year, Instagram combined DM and Messenger applications. Users can message with their friends on Facebook via Instagram, as well as communicate with their friends on Instagram via Messenger. In addition, features such as disappearing mode and message controls that we are used to from Messenger can also be used on Instagram.

The company has taken the integration between the two apps one step further.

Facebook and Instagram contacts can be added to Messenger groups

Facebook announces ‘cross-app group chats’ feature. While cross-communication between Instagram and Messenger until now only supported individual chats, it will also allow group conversations after today. In other words, you will be able to add both your Instagram and Facebook friends to a group you will create in Messenger. In this way, you will have the opportunity to communicate collectively from one place.

Group chat between Instagram and Messenger

Additionally, “Writing…” information has been added to the groups, which allows you to see the people who are currently typing messages. Facebook has announced that there will be no changes to the message controls in Messenger. As always, users will have the opportunity to accept or reject incoming message and call requests. On the other hand, the company shared the information that more than 70 people use the cross-communication experience between applications, which was launched last year.

‘Watch Together’ feature comes to Instagram

Facebook brought Watch Together, which allows users to watch videos together, to Instagram. Thanks to the feature that you can use by starting a video chat, you can share the posts on Instagram with your friends. In addition to all these, brand new chat themes have been added to Messenger. You can experience the features by updating the application from the store.


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