A new era begins for Google Drive’s desktop experience


Google Drive is a life-saving service for both corporate and individual users. Thanks to Drive, it is easier to back up files especially on mobile devices and to access files in the cloud from mobile devices.

On the computer side, there is a different story. Google Drive’s web application is very easy to use. However, there are two different options for the desktop application. For corporate users, there is a Drive File Stream application as an Enterprise Edition. Individual users benefit from the application called Backup and Sync.

Deciding to eliminate the confusion caused by this situation, Google did not waste time to take the necessary step. The name of the app changes with the latest update for Drive File Stream. The application, which will continue with the name of Google Drive, will be a one stop shop for all users.

Although Backup and Sync will be unplugged, Google is in no hurry to do so. The company focuses primarily on getting the application fully ready. Later, users of Backup and Sync will be given a three-month period to transition to the new application.


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