A new death approaches the gang for its final season


Helsinki has remained a favorite character since its introduction in the first season of La Casa de Papel. Unfortunately, fans have flagged him as the next team member to die.

However, fan theories currently point to Helsinki as the next major player to meet an unfortunate ending when La Casa de Papel finally returns for a fifth season.

Some fans discuss the chances of one of the strong but sensitive war veterans saying goodbye to the series La Casa de Papel in its fifth part.

Given that Palermo narrowly avoided a serious injury in the third part, Helsinki’s death may be the safest bet, as he has managed to remain relatively unscathed throughout the course of the La Casa de Papel series.

Even though fans have already compiled their lists of possible deaths in the upcoming new chapters of the series, they do point out some potential problems with the deaths of too many La Casa de Papel characters.

Adding more unexpected character deaths can only serve to stoke the fire of disappointment for fans in the series as they await Netflix production of new episodes of La Casa de Papel.

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