A new channel so you don’t have to decide what to watch


What drove Netflix and other VOD platforms to success was the break with the classic TV model, that of non-linear content in which the viewer is just that: a viewer, and has no voice or vote in what to watch.

VOD services brought with them a type of TV in which the user chooses what to watch, when to watch it, where and how to watch it. He / she consumes to his liking and not to what is imposed on him. Therefore, it is curious how new Netflix is ​​testing precisely.

Netflix Direct: New linear content channel

And it is that Netflix is ​​testing in France a channel with content programmed for live playback, which works in a similar way to the traditional television model: Based on the most popular programs on the platform, the channel establishes a schedule that the user can watch, similar to how things look on channels like Telecinco or Antena 3.

The new channel with scheduled content allows viewing of the programs that the platform is going to broadcast up to 5 days in advance, so that the user can take them into account. However, if it does not convince you or does not suit you, you still have the possibility to search for the programs and watch them later.

Traditional TV on Netflix

According to Netflix, this new channel is aimed at people who “just want a ‘relaxed’ experience where they don’t have to choose the shows.” The Live mode is currently in testing in some areas of France since 5 November, but According to Variety, it is expected to roll out to the rest of the country next month, so you won’t see it among the content yet.

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Undoubtedly something as curious as Pluto TV, a free platform recently landed in Spain that allows you to watch free content broadcast linearly by various channels and also with ads.


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