A new camera move for Pixel from Google


Google will remove selfie (selfie) filters from Pixel devices to avoid unrealistic beauty comparisons. Instagram also came up with a similar move, removing the filters that encourage people to have aesthetics. A similar move is coming for Google’s Pixel phones.

Google’s filter decision for Pixel phones

It attracts the attention of users with the high performance camera features offered by Google Pixel phones. In addition to being the first phone to receive Google updates, it pleases its users with newly added filters and arrangements for its camera.

In addition to these, an important update is coming as Google plans to make big changes for Pixel phones. As part of this update, the selfie filters will now be removed, meaning it will not be possible to add filters to your shots with the front camera. Google made this decision after consulting a team of experts.

Google'ın Pixel telefonları

It will prevent not only the front camera but also other arrangements under the name of “beauty” made on the phone. This arrangement is expected to be included in all phones between Pixel 4 and Pixel 5 for now. We do not know if it will be an example for other companies, but it seems that after Instagram, Google started to wage war against filters.

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