A new breath of fresh air in gaming equipment from AOC


AOC is launching a new product category. Gaming equipment, including mice and keyboards that feel really mechanical and mechanical. These new products are organized into three segments to meet different requirements: entry-level (200 series) GK200 keyboard and GM200 mouse, mid-level (500 series) GK500 keyboard and GM500 mouse, and finally competitive, esports-level (AGON 700 series) AGK700 keyboard and AGM700 mouse.

AOC GK200 keyboard

AOC’s peripherals used for gaming meet the needs of all players, regardless of their budget or needs. The entry-level GK200 keyboard has a 25-key rollover, in other words, 25 keys can be pressed at the same time, and it is detected that 25 keys are pressed without any ghosting.

Rainbow-effect RGB lighting and metallic cover complete the gaming experience, while a detachable keyboard wrist rest offers comfort, adding a little extra pleasure to your gaming experience. In addition, the GK200 is equipped with membrane switches that feel like a “mechanical keyboard”. Moreover, because the keyboard is spill resistant, gamers will still be able to feel safe if they accidentally spill their favorite drink in the excitement of the conflict.

AOC GK500 keyboard

The mid-range GK500 is equipped with Outemu Blue / Red mechanical switches, n-key rollovers (no limit to press keys simultaneously) and has 100% anti-ghosting. Thanks to the included AOC G-Tools software, 104 keys can be programmed. The GK500 has 5 macro keys that allow gamers to use specialized keys for quick access and has a magnetic, removable wrist rest for greater comfort during long gaming sessions.

Aluminum top coat and switches make this product a durable companion in gaming battles. The keyboard is also equipped with RGB lighting supporting 16.8 million colors and a wide range of lighting effects. Moreover, all of these can be customized with G-Tools software.

AOC GM200 and GM500 mouse

AOC’s new peripheral product line also includes three types of gaming mice, all with high-quality Pixart optical sensors. All three mice support 1000 Hz sampling rate and 1 ms data exchange rate between mouse and computer.

The AOC GM200 is a right-handed mouse with six buttons and Pixart 3519 sensor (4200 True DPI – Points per inch, 48 IPS – Inch per second and 10g acceleration). For greater accuracy, the DPI toggle button provides a fast switch between 800-1600-2400-4200 DPI. Reliable left and right buttons (LMB and RMB) tested to 10 million clicks. The mouse can be illuminated with 12 colors and these colors can be changed according to the DPI setting and RGB breathing effects.

The AOC GM500, on the other hand, has a Pixart 3325 sensor that supports true DPI resolution of 5000, tracking speed of 100 inches per second and acceleration of 20g for both left and right-handers to track accurate and fast movements. For greater durability, high-quality Omron switches with 50 million keystroke lifetimes are included in the left and right keys. All eight of the GM500’s eight buttons can be programmed via AOC G-Tools. With this software, the built-in RGB LED is also fully customizable (16.8 million colors, 3 light speed options, 4 light effects) and, in addition, can be synchronized with other AOC gaming devices.

AOC GK700 keyboard

The premium AGON keyboard AGK700 has 115 high quality Cherry MX Blue / Red switches for better aural and tactile feedback, as well as n-key rollover and 100% anti-ghosting features. It also features both a USB pass through (1x USB 2.0) and headphone connections, as well as an aggressive red colored, stylish round volume knob gamers know and love from AOC’s AGON monitor range. AGK700’s aluminum body is extremely durable for competitions that require high energy. All keys are programmable and the customized keypad layout can be saved to the keyboard itself. In other words, once setup, profiles can be selected without the need for G-Tools software.

The AGK700 is also offered with a leather-surfaced magnetic removable keyboard with wrist rest to make users feel even more privileged. Dedicated macro keys bring together the entire AGON ecosystem by enabling the keyboard to control game modes (RTS, FPS, Racing) and RGB lighting on (supporting) monitors. Light synchronization ensures that the entire setup, from the monitor to the mouse and keyboard, shines in harmony with color.

Both AGK700 and GK500 also come with an extra set of W, A, S, D keys, have a gold-plated connector (USB 2.0 Type A), and are also offered with a braided USB cable.

In the upper segment: AOC AGM700

The AOC’s premium AGM700 is also a mouse designed for right-handers, equipped with features that allow for more customization. The Pixart 3389 sensor, on the other hand, has 16000 Real DPI (dots per inch) resolution, 400 inches per second tracking speed and 50g acceleration to keep up with the aggressive movements of competitive gamers. There are Omron switches with a 50 million actuation life on the left and right buttons. Thanks to the instant DPI switch, users can easily switch between DPIs. Also, thanks to a separate DPI shooter button, a lower DPI can be selected with a single button and opponents can be tracked more easily. This is particularly useful when aiming at long range in FPS (First Person Shooter) games.

The weight of the mouse can be fine-tuned with the five weights included (5 g per unit) to achieve optimal ergonomics. To enhance elegance, the AGM700’s customizable RGB LED offers 16.8 million colors that can be synchronized with other AOC peripherals. All eight buttons of the AGM700 can be customized via AOC G-Tools software, and the 3 customized profiles can be saved on the mouse and used on other personal computers without using the software.

Both AGM700 and GM500 are offered with a 1.8m braided USB cable and a gold-plated connector.

With AOC’s new gaming peripherals, AOC further refines its portfolio to create more complete and more compatible game setups while taking the gaming experience to a whole new level.

The prices of the new AOC products are as follows:

AGM700 Mouse: 59 USD
AGK700 Keyboard: 189 USD
GM500 Mouse: $ 39 USD
GK500 Keyboard: 89 USD
GM200 Mouse: $ 29 USD
GK200 Keyboard: 49 USD

All game peripherals from AOC come with a 2-year warranty.
The availability of blue or red switch options of the GK500 and AGK700 mechanical keyboards may differ from country to country.


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