A New Avengers Team Formed During Phase 4?


Little by little, the films of phase 4 could be used to form a new Avengers team, made up of old and new members.

Inevitably, the final events of Avengers Endgame led to a complete change in the Avengers team. We do not even know if it still exists and if so, who composes it. However, a fifth installment bringing together the superheroes of Marvel Studios is well and truly planned, which means that a whole new group will see the light of day. Who will be the members of Avengers 2.0? The answer to this question may be provided by Phase 4 of the MCU. The films and series that compose it could indeed lead to the formation of a new team, ready to face the future enemies of the Earth.

As they say, the best jams are made in old pots. So there is a good chance that former members of the Avengers will once again be part of the group, despite the tragic losses they have had to take. Sam Wilson alias the Falcon could for example officially become Captain America, as Steve wishes. He could also be accompanied by Bucky Barnes, who could decide to join the Avengers too rather than remaining solo. After spending time with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor could also make his return to the team. Just like Ant-Man or Spider-Man, once the latter has settled his few concerns with Mysterio.

Captain Marvel could choose to leave space aside to help Earth a bit more. Some fans even imagine that Carol Danvers would have a chance to become the leader of the new Avengers. Scarlet Witch, if she doesn’t become an enemy, could also find her place in the group that welcomed her. Of the old team, there are also Smart Hulk and Hawkeye left, but it’s unclear what’s in store for the former, though. As for the second, he might choose to spend more time with his family, in order to gently recover from Natasha’s death as well as from the acts he committed under Ronin’s identity.

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Phase 4 will also be an opportunity to discover new faces, including the famous cosmic superheroes from The Eternals, which were recently revealed in previously unseen visuals. However, there will not only be extraordinary beings on the blockbuster poster. We will also find Dane Whitman alias the Dark Knight. In some comic books, Dane and Sersi, one of the Eternals, are notably part of the Avengers. Marvel Studios could be inspired by it and thus integrate the two new protagonists into the team. The Doctor Strange 2 sequel could introduce a potential new member. It is about Miss America, whose presence in the poster of the film has yet to be confirmed.

Two of the original six Avengers could be replaced by a family member. Smart Hulk, for example, could give way to his cousin, Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk, who will be entitled to his own series on Disney +. Yelena Belova, Natasha Romanoff’s little sister at heart, could become the new Black Widow after the latter’s death. To recap, at the end of Phase 4, the new Avengers team could consist of a new Captain America and a new Black Widow, Spider-Man, the Winter Soldier, Captain Marvel, ‘Ant-Man, Scarlet Witch, Thor, The Dark Knight, Sersi, Miss America and finally She-Hulk. A team that we think likely, unless Marvel Studios decides to bet on the youngest, and opts instead for the track of the Young Avengers. We especially hope that the new group of heroes will be more united than ever in the face of the threats that will weigh on the universe.


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