A New Apex Legends Glitch Results In Legends Having the Wrong Abilities in Season 14


No matter how critical Apex Legends was, the game contained a huge number of unique and sometimes completely ridiculous mistakes since its launch. This is certainly not particularly strange or unexpected, given that it’s a fairly complex game that often receives substantial content updates, but one would expect its players to have seen it all before.

However, this is not the case, because Apex Legends may have just had the strangest and most common error, and it is still unclear what could be the cause of it. Namely, it would seem that the game somehow mixes and mixes together various Legends. The player can choose one character only to end up appearing in a match with the abilities of a completely different person.

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Although the content of the 14th season of Apex Legends has already made a splash in the game, this particular update also seems to have introduced a strange bug that players have recently started reporting. The player can, for example, choose Watson and get a model of her character in combination with the abilities, animation and replicas of Octane, forcing all participants to loop. There seems to be no limit to how this mixing and matching works. Not only is the error completely random, but the abilities that players receive are also randomized.

Thus, if someone was hoping to use Ash’s portals to win Apex Legends, there is a slight chance that the player will get some other Legend abilities instead. It goes without saying that this is a huge problem, no matter how ridiculous it may seem at first glance. Since this is a fairly common problem, people just can’t find out what skill set they get when downloading a match.

One could argue that this new ability switching bug is potentially a bigger problem than the ongoing Apex Legends hacking problem, as strange as it may sound. The developers at Respawn Entertainment have yet to comment on the issue in any case, although the chances of this issue being a priority are quite high considering how destructive and confusing it can be for a player controlling a character with bugs and for those who may end up fighting a teleporting Gibraltar.

Currently, trying to raise the level of the Apex Legends Season 14 combat pass is causing more problems than it should have been. Players who may have encountered a certain character or those who don’t like to play with a certain skill set may face problems until Respawn Entertainment releases a fix. Despite this, it’s hard to say that seeing all these collages of characters in motion is not funny.

Apex Legends is already available on mobile devices, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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