A Mysterious Xbox Code Revealed After Xbox ‘Lockhart’


Since the day Xbox Series X was released, data researchers and other software researchers have been talking about a new console. With the emergence of ‘Lockhart, this number had doubled, but now a new code has appeared.

When Microsoft promoted Xbox, it introduced a game console called Xbox Series X to its fans. The new console appeared to gamers with extremely impressive features and a relatively simple design. After a long time, a mysterious code called Lockhart began to appear between the lines of Windows code.

With the advent of the Xbox Series S, codenamed Lockhart, predicted to be released as a relatively affordable alternative for the Xbox Series X, it was understood that the Xbox would come with multiple variants. Now, a brand new and mysterious code name has confused data researchers.

Xbox ‘Edinburgh’ appeared

‘Edinburgh’, which is currently shaking Xbox forums, has created a huge discussion environment. How the code that appeared in front of Windows Central writer Jez Corden appeared. Still, Corden, who found the code, said that Xbox fans should not be too excited, this code might be just like the ‘Xcloud server vertical window’.

Of course, this situation is not certain. The author of the data, Corden, stated that ‘Edinburgh’ could be a digital version for Xbox Series X, as we saw on PlayStation 5. Although other people state that this name only belongs to the developer kit, this is quite unlikely because the name of the developer kit previously appeared as Dante.

Although it is extremely difficult to reach a definitive opinion for now, we can say that anything can happen at any time. It is quite likely that Microsoft will want to anger the competition with an additional console, especially given the ongoing competitive environment between PlayStation and Xbox. However, it is worth noting that there is still time to say something definitive.


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