A move has come from Intel to strengthen face recognition


Dominating the processor world, Intel continues its breakthroughs in the technology world without slowing down. The technology brand that we are used to hear with its processors is working on a new solution these days.

Intel adds a new RealSense product line

Intel unveiled facial recognition solution that can increase security for smart locks, point-of-sale systems and more. The new product, referred to as RealSense ID, has the ability to detect depth unlike other devices.

Combining an active depth sensor with a private neural network to provide secure and successful authentication, RealSense ID offers convenience with its use that does not require network setup. At the same time, the new technology promises to adapt to the change of users over time.

Commenting on the new security solution, Intel Corporate Vice President Sagi Ben Moshe said, “Intel RealSense ID combines purpose-built hardware and software with a proprietary neural network designed to provide a secure face authentication platform that users can trust.” made statements.

With its RealSense ID technology, Intel wants to contribute to identity verification technology by aiming to protect businesses and individuals against identity theft and security breaches. Intel also states that RealSense ID, equipped with anti-fraud technology, has a false acceptance rate of one in a million.

RealSense ID, which is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2021, is thought to have a price tag of $ 99.


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