A motor that turns your bike into an electric bike


There are many options for adapting bicycle motors today, but a small and elegant device has caught the attention of many, for its minimalist design. It’s called “Elevate”, made by the startup “Bimotal”, and it fits your bike with minimal modifications.

A small engine to help you on your journey

It is a small motor that is attached to the bike just above the rear disc brake. Using a special disc brake rotor, which has a toothed gear attached to the mesh of the elevator motor, the device can apply power directly to the rear wheel.

The Elevate motor is powered, like other bike retrofit systems, by a battery that is the shape and size of a water bottle, so it can be placed directly into one of the bike’s bottle holders for storage. safe storage and easy removal.

One of the main problems, however, is that it is driven by the throttle, rather than being a pedal assist like most bikes. This means that the system might not qualify as a bicycle in most countries, instead it would be regulated more like a moped than a bicycle.

According to the industry website Bikerumor, Bimotal is working on a pedaling assist function so that the motor only applies power when you are actually pedaling and up to a certain speed.

One kilogram and up to 45Km / h

However, perhaps the best thing is that the motor system only weighs 1 kg, which makes it significantly lighter than hub-based motors. It can also be easily removed when not in use, restoring the bike to its former glory of lightness and agility. The entire system, including the battery, wiring and mounting tools, weighs 2.7 kg.

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At the moment, the little device has enough power for all kinds of inclines. Up to a speed of 45Km / h, which means that any bike that is attached to a Class 3 e-Bike in the US is only going to offer between 30-45 kilometers of range, so it will need recharging frequently if used a lot.


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