A Month Later, Amazon Appstore Gets Patches On Android 12


Amazon started this week to fix the company’s app store, Amazon Appstore, which had a series of flaws in Android 12 — including the inability to download and install tools and games through the digital environment.

The first reports of bugs were reported back in October this year, but intensified the following month as more cell phones received the update. Officially, it wasn’t until December 1st that the company acknowledged the flaw and began work on an update.

However, not all users affected by the bugs seem to have been covered in this first batch of updates: there are still reports of app crashes and downloads that, although complete, are not displayed on the home screen.

what does the company say

“We have released a fix for an issue impacting the launch of apps for consumers from the Amazon Appstore that have updated to Android 12 on mobile devices. We are contacting consumers with steps to update the Appstore experience. We apologize for any disruption this has had caused,” a spokesperson for the brand told the Engadget website.