A mobile with the AirPods inside the phone, the new Xiaomi


Since Apple made the design of independent wireless headphones fashionable with its AirPods, most brands have followed it, and we already have others such as the Samsung Galaxy Buds or the Xiaomi Air2 or Mi True. But it is precisely the Chinese brand that has registered a patent for a design that could change the rules of the game for the future in the short – medium term.

Xiaomi mobile with built-in wireless headphones

A month ago, the LetsGoDigital website showed us a possible / future Xiaomi smartphone model with a curious design based on a design patent that Bejing Xiaomi Mobile Software had applied for in China, since it had two circles right on top that could well be for speakers or a camera design. But today, the same website has echoed another Xiaomi registry presented at the International Design System in The Hague, part of WIPO, or the World Intellectual Property Office.

The documentation was submitted earlier this year and was published in The Hague Bulletin on July 24, 2020. Again this is a design patent with a short description, however this time the description offers more clarity and The mystery of the top ‘plugs’ in the terminal is solved, which would be nothing more than two removable wireless Bluetooth headphones, housed in a cylindrical cover on the top of the case, which serves as a storage compartment for the two plugs wireless.

The idea immediately refers to the Stylus pen of the Samsung Galaxy Note, and especially to the model of the last two years, which not only stays inside the mobile when not in use, but this hole also serves to recharge its battery independent of the terminal principal. Without a doubt a practical design by Xiaomi, since this way you do not have to physically carry the wireless headphones with you in their case. If you don’t use the headphones, you can easily store them in the phone case.

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Headphones that are stored on the mobile

A curious fact about helmets is the ability to rotate their heads. When the headphones are stored in the compartment, the speaker points up. Then you can let the plugs stick out a bit from the case, possibly for use as mobile speakers.

It is also possible to remove them entirely from the case, and the fact that they can also be rotated to take an AirPods style makes you think they are removable headphones. In terms of design, the patent helmets also look a bit like the current Xiaomi Mi True wireless headphones.

Unfortunately, the patent does not provide more information on the functions, most likely the headphones can be connected via Bluetooth. A noise reduction system is also likely to be incorporated to provide better sound quality in noisy environments.

Whether Xiaomi is planning to launch a smartphone with built-in headphones is unclear at the moment. After all, there are also a number of drawbacks to such a construction, such as that such a compartment requires a lot of space in the already compact case. As a result, other necessary components will have to be moved and / or replaced by smaller parts. This, of course, will involve additional development costs.

Another issue is hygiene. Since you put the headphones on your ear, the ear wax can stick to it. Then you have to put them back on your phone. Once stored in the device, dust and other debris can enter the speaker, which you have to put back in your ear.


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