A mobile with a rotating camera: LG Wing


When it seems that we will not see news in the field of telephony, we begin to see that manufacturers have proposals in mind.

It is true that some remain as an idea that never even reaches the prototype phase, but the one we present to you could be the future of one of the most important brands in the sector. We are talking about the LG Wing, a phone that has a rotating screen on its back.

This is how the rotating screen of the LG Wing works

It is a fact that many brands have in their sights the creation of a flexible phone. Samsung and Royole opened the can of these terminals, which are capable of occupying very little space by displaying a very generous screen. All this without counting the waste of power they have. This is something that we will have to see in the LG Wing, a terminal with a rotating screen that is postulated as something different from the rest proposed by the firm and the market.

Little is known about the specifications of this new terminal, but Android Authority has seen how the terminal works. Apparently, the external structure has two modules: in one of them is the classic terminal, which seems quite large, while behind it there is a second that can be unfolded to the side and which includes additional information. In this case, the user maintains the route established with the main screen, while the secondary four-inch screen, according to Portaltic, is used to show extra information that would be the control of the applications as well as the reception of calls.

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Other details of the LG Wing

The turning system of the LG Wing is curious. This is done in a T-shape and looks like it will fit perfectly with the rear. And this is important because the phone does not compromise its classic shape by leaving gaps free. In addition, the front screen does not have any notch, which would leave the selfie camera in the rear module. In the back, three 64 MPX lenses would be attached to the main one. As for its interior, we find the presence of a Snapdragon from the 7 series, which could augur the presence of 5G already integrated.

We will still have to wait to know all the official data of the terminal and for it to leave its prototypical phase to give more information and see it in the not too distant future.


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