A mobile with 2 batteries: Lenovo Legion Phone Duel


When we talk about a phone to play you no longer have to think much since the last batch of the mid-range has everything you need for this purpose.

A good processor wherever you look, storage space and a large battery to keep playing. But there are manufacturers who want to give their terminals a plus and today we see Lenovo’s first proposal in this segment: the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel.

Lenovo launches gaming smartphones

Lenovo has its own division of gaming devices called Legion. Computers, screens and laptops are some of its proposals, but the firm has decided to launch its first mobile gaming. He does it with ease showing an all-screen device that keeps more than one secret in its structure. Outside we find a 144 Hz display of 6.65 inches FullHD AMOLED to give more color to the content it plays.

In the back we find an aggressive design thought for the most gamers where it shows the Legion series logo in the center. This is where the two 64 + 16 MPX rear cameras capable of recording in 4K are housed. But there is a detail that we have not told you about now that the cameras are out and that we will tell you about in the next section. Let’s go inside first, where a powerful Snapdragon 865+ processor sits with 12 or 16 GB of RAM (almost like gaming laptops). It will also have a very generous 512 GB space to store everything.

The secrets of the Lenovo Legion

We have told you that the Lenovo Legio Phone Duel has two secrets that make it unique. The first we have advanced before and is the front camera. This has 20 very worthy MPX, but it is in an unorthodox place: on one of the sides of the phone. As a pop-up camera, the lens rises when it is in horizontal format, which favors its use if you want to make a live video from your mobile.

The other surprise is its batteries. Yes, and it is that because of the camera engine Lenovo has had to modify the interior to remove up to 5,000 mAh in total. To fill this it will have a fast charge of up to 90w although the charger that will come will only support 65w, which is also very good.


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