A miracle is repeated in Naples, Italy


The Archbishop of Naples assured that the blood of San Genaro became liquid just the day his liturgical feast is celebrated

The blood of Saint Genaro, who is the patron of the Italian city of Naples, was liquefied last Saturday, September 19, a miracle that according to the church has occurred at least since the 14th century but does not happen every year.

The announcement was made by Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, Archbishop of Naples, from an almost empty cathedral due to coronavirus restrictions, however, the news did not go unnoticed by the faithful who devotedly celebrated the feast of this Italian martyr.

He said that the miracle happened at 10:00 am (local time) and stressed that this time the blood has become completely liquid and without lumps.

“Praise Jesus Christ! Dear friends, dear faithful all. Once again, with joy, with emotion, I inform you that the blood of our patron saint, Genaro, has been liquefied. Completely liquefied, without any lumps, as happened in past years, “said the cardinal in the cathedral of Naples, according to the Catholic Information Agency on its online site.

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What does the miracle of the liquefaction of the blood of San Genaro mean?
Cardinal Sepe told the faithful that this miracle signifies God’s love, goodness and mercy. “(It is) a sign of love, of goodness, of God’s mercy and of closeness, of friendship, of the brotherhood of our Saint Genaro. Give glory to God and veneration to our saint. Amen ”, commented the Archbishop of Naples.

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Why is the blood of San Genaro liquefied?

Saint Genaro was a holy bishop of the city of Naples in the 3rd century AD. and it is believed that he was martyred during the persecutions of Emperor Diocletian. And it is that, after he was taken prisoner and subjected to terrible torture, he and his friends were thrown to the lions, but the animals only roared without hurting them.

Upon seeing these events, their pursuers accused them of using magic and sentenced them to be beheaded.

The liquefaction of the blood of the patron saint of Naples is a phenomenon that cannot be explained, from a religious point of view, and that occurs three times a year: on the Saturday before the first Sunday in May on the occasion of the transfer of the saint to Naples; the day of his liturgical feast, September 19 and December 16, the day that celebrates the anniversary of the intercession of San Genaro to avoid the effects of the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius in 1631.

The miracle has been happening at least since the fourteenth century, but not in every year there is a liquefaction like the one that occurred this Saturday. In December 2016, the miracle was not registered, which means a bad sign for the faithful, although a disaster does not always happen. Likewise, it did not occur during the visits of Saint John Paul II in 1979 or of Benedict XVI in 2007.


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