A Minecraft player spent 2.5 years building this amazing city


A Minecraft user has spent a significant portion of his time creating a pretty impressive city. There’s always something to see and do in Minecraft, with an almost finite replay value that keeps players coming back again and again. People can be forgiven for thinking that fans are already tired of the Mojang sandbox name, especially when you consider that it has been around for more than a decade. However, it seems that this is not the case, and the players are too eager to show off their huge buildings.

Building a city in Minecraft is an ambitious project that some are happy to undertake. Despite the blocky nature of the game, many creative people devote their time and effort to creating something so incredible. Some people can spend literally years on such efforts, and the result is often simply magnificent. It also shows that fans are capable of great concentration, assembling entire networks of roads, building skyscrapers and inserting all the equipment that comes with a modern city, such as houses and industrial areas.

This is what Reddit user KanyeWaste69 is doing. After spending the last two and a half years absorbed in his Minecraft project, the player was able to show a series of screenshots showing their city. There is even a GTA-style map showing the location of this place. In his last post, the user says that they have created central and remote areas and are now ready to move to industrial parts. The uploaded images really show a very impressive city with all the aforementioned assets.

More images can be found on Reddit

Fans build not only cities and ordinary buildings. One Minecraft fan decided to recreate a famous joke from The Office, and there were many examples when people rethought famous locations from games like Skyrim. It really shows that there are people who have so much imagination as well as time, and probably for this reason, an open-world title still dominates the gaming landscape.

For many, Minecraft is a game that helps to dispel boredom. Each passage can be different, depending on what the player wants to get from the game. Some may decide to just build a simple house to protect themselves at night, while others go on a quest and defeat the Ender Dragon. In addition, there are those who have put a lot of effort into creating great inspirational structures.

Minecraft is available on mobile devices, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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