A Miles Morales figurine is presented in a premium format from Sideshow! [EXCLUSIVE]


Screen Rant is pleased to present the first look at the new figure of Miles Morales Premium Format™ from Sideshow. The latest figure in Sideshow’s line of luxury Marvel Comics statues is inspired by a fan-favorite legacy character and is the perfect companion for the newly unveiled Ghost Spider figurine.

Many young Marvel characters have assumed the mantle after it was handed over, or have become famous superheroes in an unknown part of the multiverse, but few have had such a lasting impact as Miles Morales. Created in 2011 by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sarah Pichelli, the Afrolatino teen first appeared as part of Ultimate Marvel, replacing Peter Parker after his demise. After the epic Secret Wars storyline, Miles’ world merged with Marvel-616, where he joined the superhero ranks of other young Marvel vigilantes like Kamala Khan.

But Miles has appeared not only in comics, as his popularity and reach have grown significantly in the decade since his creation. Not only has he been included in animated series such as Ultimate Spider-Man and a recent TV series for preschoolers Spidey And His Amazing Friends, he also has his own PlayStation video game. Perhaps his most impressive film debut was Sony’s Spider-Man: Across the Universes, which won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

While fans are waiting for the long-awaited sequel to the aforementioned Spider-Man: Across the Universes movie, they can enjoy the next Premium Format action figure presented by Sideshow Collectibles in the Marvel Comics universe. The specialized manufacturer has a variety of Marvel-inspired figurines in various styles and designs. While Spider-Man is without a doubt the most popular character, Gwen Stacy’s Ghost Spider serves as the perfect duet thanks to her significant role in the Spider-Poems films.

Miles Morales Action Figure Premium Format™ from Sideshow

Marvel comics fans can now get a closer look at the newest Miles Morales statue, courtesy of Sideshow.

A dynamic new statue depicts a young Miles soaring above the New York skyline. You can see the bright glow of the city lights reflected on his suit as he weaves a web on his way home. As is often the case with these gorgeous Sideshow figures, the dramatic backdrop with forced perspective gives a bird’s-eye view of Miles’ neighborhood, including the subway train heading to the next stop. The mixed-media statue combines a sculptural Miles spider costume and a custom-made fabric jacket.


Other notable related characters in the ever-expanding line of Marvel Comics Premium Format™ action figures Sideshow features include Black Widow gliding over a Hydra object, Psylocke on a revenge mission, Spider-Man fighting Doctor Octopus, and Captain Marvel defying gravity. all of them are already available for pre-order. There are also Premium-format Captain America figures on the battlefield, a Taskmaster at the training base, and a Scarlet Witch using chaos magic against Ultron. his collection of Marvel comics.