A Match Surprise: Comedy With Nina Dobrev Wins First Images


A Match Surprise: Netflix released the first footage of One Match Surprise (Love Hard, in the original title), new romantic comedy movie for streaming. The attraction set at Christmas time will star Nina Dobrev (The Vampire Diaries), in the role of a girl in love with a young man who lives on the other side of the country. She then decides to go to his town at the end of the year holidays to surprise him, but she will see that her match is different from what she expected.

The film will also feature in the main cast Darren Barnet (I Never…) and Jimmy O. Yang (Silicon Valley). In addition, the production will feature Harry Shum Jr. (Running Rich), Rebecca Staab (Desperate Housewives), Heather McMahan (The Trap), Matty Finochio (Riverdale), Fletcher Donovan (The Stand), James Saito ( Modern Love), Mikaela Hoover (The Suicide Squad) and Althea Kaye (Kung Fu).

Synopsis of One Match Surprise

An unlucky-in-love journalist named Natalie (Dobrev) crosses the country looking for a guy she met on a dating app. But she will soon find out that she was deceived.

The film will be directed by Hernan Jimenez (A Place for Both of Us), based on a script by Daniel Mackey (Aim High) and newcomer Rebecca Ewing. A Surprise Match will hit Netflix on November 5th.


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