A Massive Explosion in Iran Allegedly to Be Taken by a Military Carrying Nuclear Activity


After the night-time explosion in Iran and resonating on social media, an important claim was made from the New York Times correspondent. The reporter said the explosion occurred on a military base carrying out nuclear activities in Tehran.

The big explosion in Iran’s Tehran province tonight also caused many allegations. The clearest statement from the official authorities came from General Davoud Abdi, spokesman for the Ministry of Defense. Abdi told state television that a gas explosion occurred at the military and weapons development base. Stating that there were no casualties or injuries, Abdi said that the fire was under control. On social media, many claims have been made about this event.

“The explosion occurred on a nuclear military base”

According to posts on social media, an explosion at the power plant or during the destruction of ammunition, while New York Times (NYT) reporter Farnaz Fassihi said that Iran had a military base in Parchin, the region where the explosion took place. In the full statement made by Fassihi’s Twitter account, “It was reported that the explosion in Iran took place in Parchin, a military base where Iran carried out nuclear activity. There is no official statement. ”

According to information from the Iranian state television, Reuters continues to investigate what is currently happening. It is known that one of the main electricity poles of the city of Shiraz, which is in the Persian province of Iran, has exploded due to an unknown reason and as a result, there have been large-scale power cuts.

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If there is a nuclear power plant accident like the claims in the US press, what effect this will have on our country and the world is not known at the moment. For all this, we should expect new statements from the Iranian government.


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