A Man Went Viral After Showing Delivery Orders Stacked in Front of a Neighbor’s Door


A man in TikTok went viral after showing a huge number of delivery orders stacked in front of his neighbor’s apartment door, which caused concern in the comments.

Thanks to Amazon’s “subscription and retention”, more and more people began to receive goods at home on a regular basis.

But what happens when you leave for a long period of time and forget to cancel the delivery?

TikToker Mikefromdc recently found out about the results of this after uploading a video showing a huge number of Amazon food deliveries stacked in front of his neighbor’s door.

A man has Gone Viral Showing Delivery Orders at Neighbors’ Doors

Mike’s video, uploaded on January 23, has been viewed more than a million times with more than five thousand comments.

“Somebody look at this shit, okay. Bro, these products have been here for a week. They fucking ** smell like shit. Someone dug through their shit to find out why the hallway smells like ass,” he explained.

At the end of the video, Mike asked his viewers to tell him what he should do.


When the video went viral, users almost unanimously said that Mike should seek medical help, whether from a property manager or the police, because of fears that the person inside had died.

“No, call and ask them to check their health, please, I beg you,” one of the users replied.

Another comment said: “So either they ordered it on vacation, or something like that and forgot to change the address in the app, or they need a health check.”

The next day, Mike uploaded another video showing that he was talking to a property manager and found out that this person might be in military service and forgot to cancel his recurring deliveries.


Again I’ve never met or seen this person. I just moved here. Everything is probably fine.

♬ original sound – Mike 🖕🏾

So, according to Mike, the latest update may be a happy one, as the area no longer smells.

If anything changes, we’re sure Mike will upload another video and we’ll share it here.

In the meantime, check out our entertainment section to find out more news and other viral videos.


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