A Major Rule Change on Tumblr Brings Back Nudity, And Users Can’t Believe It


Years after the initial crackdown on explicit content, Tumblr announced that certain types of nudity would be allowed on the platform again. This change caused both delight and skepticism among the users of the website.

Tumblr has been a hub of creativity, bloggers, fandom enthusiasts and many others for just under two decades. This website has been a particularly popular hub for artists and photographers, many of whom have used it to connect with other creative people or to create an audience for their work.

However, in 2018 Tumblr announced an initiative to remove all adult content. Although this step was taken to make the website more convenient for a wider group of people, it was implemented with the help of computer programs, and a certain amount of implicit content was flagged and blocked for viewing.

After the ban, many avid Tumblr users switched to other platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and TikTok to showcase their content. Despite this, Tumblr maintains a large user base, and a recent update to the Community Guidelines may convince former Tumblr fans to return to their accounts.

Tumblr users are still wary of updating nudity.

The Community Guidelines update, which was posted on the Staff Tumblr account, gives users an idea of what to expect in the future.

Users of the platform are already discussing the changes both in comments on social networking sites such as Twitter. In the Doubleca5t post, many are skeptical about what the change will bring. One user says, “Wait until we all know this is another false alarm,” while another adds, “But can I post censored scenes (art)?? Because right now it continues to be hidden, which I think is an overreaction, IT’s CENSORED.”

It is important to note that although the image of nudity in human form has again been approved for publication, the Community Guidelines update clearly states that “visual depictions of explicit actions remain prohibited on Tumblr.” This includes all types of adult content.

While the elevator may not include everything some users had hoped for, it could open doors for those who like to draw the human form or share nude photos. This is definitely an interesting move for the platform after the strict nudity rules over the past few years.


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