A Machine To Clean AirPods, The Latest Hit On Kickstarter


AirPods: Since Apple made the design of independent wireless headphones fashionable with its AirPods, most brands have followed, and we already have others such as Samsung’s Galaxy Buds or Xiaomi Air2 or Mi True. These are button-type ‘in-ear’ helmets without any cable, adjustable so that they fit perfectly in your ears and do not fall off. But like all earbuds, they get dirty over time.

Cardlax Airpods Washer

And it is that unlike those with a headband that cover the ear, those with a button, being inserted into the ear themselves, are more exposed to getting dirty from ear wax. The trick is a swab with rubbing alcohol and perhaps a toothpick for the more encrusted debris in the speakers, but if you are not careful you can touch something delicate or carry something.

The solution? Let a machine do it. Because we have discovered on Kickstarter one of those projects that honor the inventors’ maxim of “creating what is needed and does not exist”: Cardlax Airpods Washer, a small cubic device exclusively conceived for cleaning headphones.

Compatible with all brands

Shaped like a cube with rounded corners, with the custom-made soft brush and built-in sponge soaked in an antibacterial cleaning solution, you can easily clean every corner of your wireless headphones in just 2 minutes. It only takes 4 steps to complete the cleaning process and it is “made to last 6+ years”.

Without earwax or oily substance, “the sound quality of your headphones is guaranteed and you will be able to listen to music again in comfort.” You can use 70% alcohol as a cleaner, which is harmless to your headphones. The good news is that Cardlax “is compatible with 99% of the TWS headphones on the market”, so it is not only suitable for Apple’s.


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