A Love So Beautiful Debuts Teasers Their Korean Remake


Romance will come to your screen, meet the characters of A Love So Beautiful with the help of the new clips revealed for the series.

We have long witnessed the impact of the premiere of the Chinese drama under the same name, this time it is South Korea’s turn to take up the school history and add its own twist. If you are looking for a new K-Drama to enjoy in your short spare time, then this is the ideal option for you.

A Love So Beautiful tells the story of a student girl who is madly in love with one of her classmates and neighbors, whom she has known for years. Although he is a handsome, intelligent and talented boy, he is cold when the protagonist of this story is around, but little by little he will discover that she has a special place in his life, especially after the arrival of a new student who quickly falls in love with the girl.

Still not sure about seeing this premiere of Korean dramas? New teasers give you a closer look at the actors who will bring the lead roles to life.


Kim Yo Han will play Cha Heo, a popular boy who we see being repeatedly intercepted by Shin Sol Yi in his eagerness to get closer to him, although the boy seems disinterested, his opinion begins to transform.

On the other hand, Yeo Hoe Hyun will play the secondary boy, Woo Dae Sung, who will become a close friend of Sol Yi despite his romantic feelings for the girl played by Soo Joo Yeon.


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