A lot of transformations of 90-day-old groom Memphis Smith after weight loss


Memphis Smith, a 34-year-old nurse practitioner, has surprised viewers of “The 90-day Groom” with one transformation after another since they last saw her in the series “The 90-day Groom: Up to 90 Days.” When Memphis went to Tunisia to marry Hamza Mokni, fans laughed at her bad decision. Memphis was the mother of two children from a couple of different relationships and spent seven months talking to Hamza on a dating site before making an important decision. Memphis planned to bring the unemployed Hamza to America. She liked that Hamza always put her first, unlike other men she had been with in the past.

Memphis was warned that Hamza was using her to get a green card, but all that mattered to her was how happy he made her. Memphis paid for Hamza’s visa out of his own pocket, which her mother considered a big alarm signal. Memphis took this risk only to break up with Hamza a year after their wedding. Fans ridiculed Memphis for blindly trusting Hamza. The situation was complicated by the fact that Memphis and Hamza were not protected and found out that they were pregnant immediately after the wedding. Memphis and Hamza seem to be going through a divorce, and now she is a single mother.

Since Hamza is no longer in the frame, Memphis practices self-love and self-care. According to leaked text messages between Hamza and Memphis, he wanted a life in the big city that she couldn’t give him. Hamza shares a video from Chicago on Instagram, which suggests that he no longer lives in Memphis. Fans hope that Hamza and Memphis will become the seventh couple in the series “90-day groom: happily ever after?”. (the cast has not been announced yet), just so they can find out what Memphis was trying to tell them through her own cryptic Instagram stories.

Memphis Wows in Animal Print Dress

However, there is something else Memphis uses Instagram for, namely to show fans their transformations. In April, Memphis showed off her post-baby body in a stunning leopard print dress. She wore her thick long hair in curls and let it fall over her shoulders as she posed for a mirror selfie with a smoldering look. “This dress looks incredible on you!” a 90 Day FiancĂ© fan told Memphis, while they continued to praise her, calling her a “goddess.” Another subscriber asked Memphis, “How do you look so good after having a baby,” but she wants to keep it a secret.

Memphis Turned Blonde After Dropping 47 Pounds

Memphis reported that she weighed 160 pounds when she gave birth to her third child. Memphis started losing weight, the number on the scales dropped to 120 pounds, and now she weighs 113 pounds. She says her fitness journey is about striving to get healthier. However, it also gave Memphis the strength to be confident. In early July, Memphis showed her slimmed-down face to fans in an update of the “natural beauty” selfie. The Memphis Michigan mom wore neither eyelashes nor a wig, but let her glowing skin speak for itself as fans called her “gorgeous” and “beautiful.” Just two days later, Memphis posted a picture that shocked everyone. like another person with her short haircut and blonde hair.

Memphis gets butterfly locks

Memphis likes to change the color and style of her hair. She likes to be versatile and play with different looks, such as Memphis’ current hairstyle with butterfly strands. Memphis used to wear wigs to the 90-day groom, but TLC celebrities also easily accept her natural look. Memphis lost a lot of weight after her third pregnancy and after she decided to break up with Hamza. Some of Memphis’ fans may want her to return to Hamza, but others believe the Memphis reality star has never looked as happy as she does now, while she insists she feels “blessed.”


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