“A lot of strange flaws…” — Julia Fox Tells How Her Relationship With Kanye West Negatively Affected Her Career


Julia Fox, who got into the news because she is dating Kanye West, is now having difficulty getting any roles. The Italian-born actress is known for several performances such as PVT CHAT, Uncut Gems and No Sudden Move. The 32-year-old also tried herself in several professions, including as a dominatrix in adolescence. But after a brief relationship with West, her career went awry.

After Kanye West broke up with Kim Kardashian, the duo immediately started dating other people. The hip-hop artist is known for dating models, including former Bradley Cooper Irina Shayk and Julia Fox. After the exposure and public appearances, the artist expected a lot of opportunities, but everything did not go as she expected. That’s what she had to say.

How has Julia Fox’s relationship with Kanye West affected her career?

Most may know Julia Fox by two things: her unique fashion sense and her romance with Kanye West. Both of them make news for their tricks. But an aspiring actress who wanted to succeed on screen didn’t have much opportunity to knock on her door. According to the source, she appeared on the High Low podcast with Em Rata and Emily Ratajkowski in episode number 7.

In this episode , Fox said: “There were a lot of strange flaws with achieving this level of fame,” referring to her relationship with the rapper. The artist noticed that the number of offers she receives has decreased, but it does not bother her. After all, she made a lot of noise with her outfits.

Her images at the Met Gala caused a mixed reaction. During this year, she wore black clothes with a claw-like dress that seemed to be holding her neck. She complemented her look with real hair as an accessory and black eye makeup that stood out. She also stood out for her famous answer: “I did it myself” when asked about her makeup. Her response has become a meme for many, along with her style.

Although she is no longer with Ye, the singer treated her with respect. As for Julia Fox’s acting career, we’ll have to wait and see how her potential unfolds. Did you like her and Kanye West as a couple? Comment and let us know.


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