A Lot of New RTX 40-Series Laptops Have Been Announced at CES 2023.


While the focus will be on the announcement of the 4070 Ti, Nvidia quickly showed off upcoming laptops with RTX 40-series chips.

Due to numerous leaks over the past couple of weeks, Nvidia has finally announced its new RTX 40-series laptop chips. At the same time, the entire CES 2023 exhibition is now filled with new laptops, including those with the latest and best Intel processors.

Although Intel plans to release more than 300 devices in the coming months, Nvidia GPUs are already embedded in the latest Acer Predator Helios laptop. Information about Helios was leaked earlier this week after the Geekbench test tool uploaded data collected from one of the devices to its online service.

The latest Acer flagship will be launched with the RTX 4080 and will be available with up to 32 GB of DDR5 RAM and 2 TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe drives. As for the processor, expect to see Intel i9 and i7 HX chips inside. The laptop will also be available in 16- and 18-inch versions.

Interestingly, the panel inside will be equipped with mini LEDs with a frequency of up to 250 Hz, rather than faster OLEDs.

As for prices, Acer offers $2,799 and $2,999 depending on the size and characteristics you choose.

This is not too different from the current offerings of Alienware and Razer. All three companies and their updates seem to be aiming to become much bigger than their 11th and 12th generation counterparts.

We’re not allowed to talk about the new Razer Blade laptops yet, but Alienware is fair game.

Alienware laptops at CES 2023

Alienware will release three new laptops. M18, M16, X16 and X14. The numbers refer to the size of laptops.

Dell’s gaming-focused division will equip its laptops with the latest Intel chips and RTX 40-series chips. The panels inside will support both G-Sync and FreeSync, and will also be available with a resolution of 165 Hz QHD or 480 Hz FHD. There are removable DDR5 slots and a fancy opportunity to have up to 9 TB of memory on hand.

While the m18 and m16 seem to be gaming, the x16 and x14 are designed for everyday use. They still have the traditional Alienware design, but are focused on giving you a more general experience, not just gaming.

They have an aspect ratio of 16:10 and an all-metal body. Alienware will offer AMD chips, but at the moment the two x-series laptops seem to be equipped with RTX 4090 and Intel HX 13th generation processors.

Although we would say they were at the bottom level, Dell is releasing updated gaming laptops without the Alienware trademark. The G16 and G15 are a bit more boring to look at, but they still sport the i9-13900HX and a QHD+ panel with a frequency of 165 Hz or 240 Hz. As for graphics, it only lists Nvidia RTX GPUs of the next generation, so we expect something more similar to the unannounced RTX 4050 or 4060, which information has leaked.

New Asus laptops.

Meanwhile, Asus is doing everything possible to update the ROG, including the Zephyrus G14, a new 18-inch laptop and a pleasant surprise in the form of an update to the Flow line.

Joining Acer in their mini LED efforts, the G14 will feature a panel of this type after release. The technology allows you to darken or lighten the screen on the fly in certain areas. The chassis hasn’t changed much, but the insides are switching back to Nvidia.

Along with this, Asus will release the G16, which, as the name suggests, is a 16-inch version.

As for laptops replacing desktops, you should pay attention to the Strix and Scar updates. Both are now available in 18-inch variants. They are equipped with a panel with a frequency of up to 240 Hz, and also support Dolby Vision. At maximum brightness, you will reach 1100 nits, which will give you a slightly more accurate HDR image.

Nvidia and Intel will dominate inside, as AMD versions have not yet been announced. In addition, laptops support up to 2 TB SSD storage, as well as 64 GB of DDR5 RAM. Once you invest in one of them, you won’t see how it will work for a long time.

There will also be 16-inch versions, as well as classic 17-inch ones.

For those who want a tablet as well as a full-featured Windows machine, you’ll be glad to know that Asus Flow is back.

The hybrid version will appear in the X13, X16 and Z13 models. All of them are configured to use the latest specifications, but the X13 will be equipped with an AMD R9 processor, not Intel. The X16 will only be configurable with Intel, but both can support up to 32 GB of DDR5 RAM and 2 TB SSD storage.

The lower specification Z13 will only accommodate 16 GB of DDR5 memory and 1 TB of memory.


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