A Look at the weight loss of Plathville star Kim Plath


Kim Plath may be going through a midlife crisis in the series “Welcome to Plattville,” but she has also undergone significant changes in her body. Kim used to preach modesty in clothes, but now she wears T-shirts and miniskirts. Fans want to know how much she has changed and why.

Fans did not meet Kim in the warmest way, especially after she seemed overbearing and manipulative. Avoiding the outside world and attending Florida State University, Kim decided to cover up and insisted that her daughters do the same. For years, Kim oppressed herself and her family in hopes of gaining full control, but fans were stunned when the 4th season of “Welcome to Platteville” aired, when the mother showed much more skin. From the tasteless housewife to the desire to be more attractive, Kim really breaks out of her framework.

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It was hard to ignore Kim’s complete transformation. Now the former dancer is happy to wear a face full of makeup with a tiny miniskirt, which she previously avoided wearing to her daughter Moria Plath. It was obvious that Kim also seemed much more comfortable in her own skin than ever before. Fans saw confirmation of this thanks to her recent weight loss. Kim decided to flaunt her new body and finally put herself first after many years of working as a wife and mom. Kim’s choice to put herself first forced her to move out of the shared house with her husband Barry Plath into one of their rented apartments. It seems that the TLC star is trying to change his body and mind during the revival of his life.

Kim also wants to become more independent, as she shared with the audience that she decided to open a Grady Central dance studio. Kim was delighted with her new studio, noting that she always wanted to have a place where she could give ballet lessons for adults. It is obvious that Kim has found a new goal and does not want to give up her newfound freedom. Kim devoted herself to a complete transformation of mind and body, which pushed her to stand up for what she really wants from life.

While her husband Barry from “Welcome to Platteville” may feel that his wife has gone a little crazy, Kim is following her dream and living her best life. Even if fans don’t like Kim, it’s hard not to pay tribute to the reality TV star, as she has achieved so much. There is no doubt that Kim will continue to work on transforming her body and make the necessary changes to feel good.