A List of All The Fabulous Films in Which Meghan Markle Starred


Meghan Markle actually starred in Hallmark films before becoming a member of the royal family. The actress is best known for her role as Rachel Zane in the legal drama series “Force Majeure” together with Gabriel Macht. However, she had to retire from her career and take a long break from joining the British royal family.

After Megxit, she returned to the entertainment industry. Her new podcast Archetypes is available on Spotify. However, she famously starred in several Hallmark films before she became famous. Hallmark is known for its romantic films and light fantasy. If you want to see enough of the real royal romance, here is a list.

Meghan Markle Hallmark Movies Worth Watching Today

Dating Directory (2016)

Director: James Head

Screenplay: Rich Tabach, Jennifer Barrow

Starring: Kristoffer Polaha, Jonathan Scarfe and Meghan Markle.

The romantic film follows the storyline of three characters: Peter, Robert and Cassandra, where the main character, also known as Cassie, is a successful businesswoman. Unfortunately, her personal life is the complete opposite, and she picks up a book about dating and love, changing her entire personality. The film tells whether the new Cassie finds her true love or has always been hiding in plain sight.

When sparks fly

Director: Gary Yates

Screenplay: Carol Starr Schneider.

Starring: Meghan Markle, Locklin Munro, Lauren Robeck.


If you like to watch sparks fly between old flames, this movie will satisfy your craving for love triangles and happy endings. The main character of the film, Amy Peterson, returns to her hometown from the big city after struggling with all aspects of her life. She wants to write about the Fourth of July, but discovers the missing pieces of the puzzle from her love and life.

Hallmark also made a film about the royal family about the love story of Prince William and Kate Middleton back in 2011 called “William and Catherine: a royal romance.” Although Megan didn’t participate then. Now that Meghan Markle has returned to Hollywood with her husband Prince Harry as a producer, perhaps we will see future Hallmark films with both of them starring.

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