A League of Their Own’s D’Arcy Carden Says Cast Would Huddle Around Rosie O’Donnell to Ask Movie Trivia: ‘It Was Pretty Magical’


Doris has always been a chatterbox! The Rockford Peaches may huddle in the locker room before taking the field, but it was Rosie O’Donnell they surrounded in between takes of “Their Own League” on Prime Video.

TV series “Their own league”: everything you need to know

Abby Jacobson and D’Arcy Cardin are starring in the upcoming sports comedy-drama, which will premiere on Friday, August 12. The 60-year-old O’Donnell starred in the original 1992 film as the third main player Doris Murphy, and last month it was announced that she would appear in the series in a different role.

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“It was pretty magical. We were thrilled about it,” Cardin, 42, exclusively told Us Weekly about O’Donnell’s presence on the set. “She just knew what this movie meant to us. She didn’t pretend it wasn’t a thing, because it was a thing. She let us ask a million questions, told us little behind-the-scenes stories and immersed herself in it, like Penny Marshall’s voice, her Madonna voice and all that. And we were just dizzy, and we surrounded her. I remember that her little chair was placed, and all the chairs were placed all over the room, and in the end all the chairs were right in front of her. Like the time of history. We were glad to have her. She was amazing.”

The actors of “Their Own League”: where are they now?

O’Donnell appeared in the beloved film along with 63-year-old Madonna, Geena Davis, Laurie Petty and Tom Hanks, and was directed by the late Marshall. In the series, 38-year-old co-creator Jacobson pays homage to the original, but the storylines of the American Professional Women’s Baseball League differ as themes of sexuality and racism are explored more.

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Graduates of Broad City and Good Place play Carson Shaw and Greta Gill, respectively, in the reimagined series. The co—stars have been friends for more than a decade, and their on—screen history and chemistry – along with stars like Shante Adams, Kelly McCormack, Roberta Colindrez, Melanie Field and Molly Ephraim – are a success.

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“It’s strange to gather as a team all this time before we started shooting like this. I do not know in what situation I had to do this before,” Cardin tells Us about the training. “Usually when you meet actors, it often happens on set, and sometimes it’s like you were reading at the table the day before, and you need to kind of simulate all this chemistry. And we have months of playing baseball together and months of these morning workouts. And we really came together as a team and supported each other, and we had to be vulnerable depending on how good or not so good we were at baseball and how to get better. We really relied on each other and leaned on each other. To bring that into the show, it seemed like the game was an afterthought. Or this show was an afterthought. We were like this baseball team that happened to be on the show together. It was really fun. I know I feel it. It was so easy to play with them because it was just my team that I had been working with for so long.”

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Although the series departs from the film, Carden may be related to the Davis and Petty sisters, Dottie and Kit.

“I’ve watched it a million times. The funny thing is, I definitely considered myself a Whale. But I recently watched it a couple of weeks ago and thought: “Wow. I really found myself more connected to Dottie.” I know it happens with age, we relate to different characters, you know? And I think Abby is so flighty and she has some real Whale vibes, but she’s a leader and can be kind of stoic. It’s funny. I feel like a bit of a Whale and a bit of a Dottie. And I feel like Abby is a bit of a Whale and a bit of a Dottie. But so are their other sides,” she laughs. “The two of us make up the two of them. There’s someone for everyone in this movie. It’s so cool to have something in the world of ‘Their own league,’ [so] being able to participate in the show is just unreal.”

The premiere of “Their Own League” will take place on Prime Video on Friday, August 12.


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