A-League Executive Offers Cristiano Ronaldo The Opportunity to Join The Australian League


Cristiano Ronaldo has received an offer from an unexpected source in his quest to find a way out of Old Trafford in January.

According to the Evening Standard, A-League CEO Danny Townsend has offered Ronaldo the opportunity to join Australia’s top division.

Townsend takes his approach seriously and believes Ronaldo can influence what he calls the “compelling offer” he is offering.

“Obviously it’s a long way to go, but we have a compelling offer for him here in Australia to consider.

We may not be able to compete financially with other offerings, but we can compete in other ways.” he said.

He continued his attempts to lure Ronaldo by promising him the love he is not currently experiencing in England, at United.

“Ronaldo said he doesn’t get any love and respect at Manchester United, but we will certainly give him a lot of love and respect in Australia,” Townsend said.

If the shocking move came to fruition, Ronaldo would have joined former club and national team mate Nani, who currently plays in the A-League for Melbourne Victory.

Ronaldo said he feels “betrayed” by United, and a breakup in January is now almost guaranteed.

A move to a lower level would undoubtedly come as a surprise, but, as in the summer, the leading European clubs currently do not seem to be in line to sign the aging superstar.

Chelsea became one of the early favourites to get Ronaldo in January, but Blues boss Graham Potter has reportedly told the club he doesn’t want the striker in his ranks.

Ronaldo’s next move will naturally create headlines wherever he is, but despite his improved reputation, to see him end up in the A-League would mean an incredible fall from grace.


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