A Laptop For Your Living Room, The Console You Were Looking For?


Console: With the new generation consoles and the most current GPUs being difficult to find, we propose an alternative. The key date for the end of the year gifts is approaching, both Santa Claus and the Magi are finalizing the shopping list and there is no doubt that video games are going to be a prominent part of it. But not even the Christmas powers can ignore the effects of the current geopolitical situation, with problems in supply chains and a shortage of basic raw materials to create microchips. That means that not everyone will be able to buy a next-gen console right now. The PC can be a fantastic alternative, but the compatible one goes through additional supply problems to those that already exist, with some graphics cards practically impossible to obtain due to their use in that “gold rush” that cryptocurrencies have become.

Of course, nothing is impossible, but it can be expensive and perhaps there is an alternative at a more moderate price. There was a time when buying laptops to play games was discouraged: more expensive, less powerful, and with limited hardware upgrade possibilities; They only became an alternative when you traveled a lot. Today, however, there is a wide range of gaming laptops on the market in different budget and performance ranges. With this in mind, it is possible to consider the exercise of buying one of these machines exclusively as a system to play in the living room of our house. Let’s forget about the typical layout of a computer, with its dedicated chair, its monitor, its tower and more; Let’s think of this laptop as if it were a console that occupies a discreet place in our living room, connected to our television and with a wireless controller to play in our armchair. That is the exercise that we want to develop here, a different and perhaps interesting way for some to propose the purchase of a new machine for the following years.

What to buy?

The consideration of what equipment to buy goes beyond the intentions of this text, the offer is varied. A high-end notebook may outperform current consoles and stay high for quite some time, but its price will be vastly higher. Considerations such as autonomy, size or weight are also important depending on the context, but for the specific case that we are considering, it is not so important if the idea is to keep it fixed in a living room and only move it for transfers or long trips.