A journey in the golden age of rally art, analysis


Relive the golden age of rallying with this new proposal halfway between the most demanding simulators and the arcade of a lifetime.

Racing video game fans are enjoying a hectic summer; And it is that in addition to the recent annual installments of sagas such as WRC or F1, the third part of Project Cars and the arcade Trackmania Remake, Inertial Drift or Hotshot Racing, now we must add to the equation a title that is highly anticipated by rally fans with art of rally, a curious and original proposal halfway between the most demanding simulation and the usual arcade games that aims to make us relive the golden age of such a popular motorsport category, from its beginnings in the 60s to the explosion famous Group B of the 80s, a historical journey by the Canadians Funselektor, creators of the celebrated and no less original Absolute Drift. Let’s see what art of rally offers both for the most purists of the wheel and for those interested in fresh proposals full of personality, a title that is already available on Steam and GOG; we analyze it.

A journey through the golden age of rallying

The premise of art of rally is as personal as its own proposal, as we say, halfway between simulation and arcade. And what kind of gameplay can a title with these characteristics offer? To begin with, the control is demanding, with several aspects that we can configure at the mechanical and user experience level; on the other hand, its casual and minimalist character is noticeable both in its personality and staging and in the peculiarities of an aerial camera, almost overhead, which offers us a wide perspective of the different sections. All this results in an explosive mix of both sensations and driving experience, bringing together aspects of both aspects of the driving genre and that manages to convince after some adaptation games. And it is that from the beginning and with the most accessible configuration, art of rally represents a challenge; although there is always room to go one step further at the level of difficulty.


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