A Jimin photo adorns the bighit wall for this reason

The last episode of RUN brought us some very funny moments, one of them was knowing that a special portrait of Jimin was placed on the wall of his company.

The boys of BTS revealed the printed photos of their funny photoshoot with outfits created by themselves, between laughter and a lot of fun, the members commented on each of the photos while showing them in front of the cameras.

After observing these images, the decision was made that the best photograph was in charge of Suga , for which this idol was awarded a special award .

The staff handed them a painting that the members held up for Yoongi to show to the cameras, but when the idol lifted the white cover and everyone looked at the captured image, they couldn’t contain their laughter.


It was a photograph of Jimin with a cute and charismatic pose, while Suga expressed his disappointment about the award, the others laughed in surprise and decided that the painting should be placed in the reception of Big Hit Entertainment.

Some fans recognized the image because it had already appeared in an old TXT V Live on one of the walls of their company, so BTS will probably show off this new decoration in their next broadcasts.

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