A Horizon Forbidden West fan Has Created a Clawstrider Fan Art Inspired by Ark


A lot of Horizon Forbidden West cars inspired by dinosaurs — that’s what distinguishes the game from its other open-world contemporaries. These robotic reptiles, acting as vicious killers and universal vehicles, make the gameplay one of the most fascinating in Horizon Forbidden West, and also give the game a unique visual style. It is this amazing art direction that helps other artists create their own creations inspired by the game.

Claws and Sun Wings are just a couple of creatures that will make their debut in the sequel. Immediately becoming iconic, they were actively used in Horizon Forbidden West promotional materials and even appeared on the cover of the game. Therefore, it is not surprising that the creators used them in their works.

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The user sitIsFriendly uploaded his opinion about the cars in some photos uploaded to the r/horizon subreddit. In one of them, they show off their Clawstrider watercolor sketches in the style of “Explorer’s Notes,” which can be found in ARK: Survival Evolved, another open-world adventure game featuring dinosaurs. There are collectible pages of these notes scattered all over Ark Island, which describe in detail the unique features of each creature along with a drawing. SittingIsFriendly managed to capture the essence of the scrapbook in their work while maintaining an impressive attention to detail.

Another note by the researcher in watercolor and ink in the style of ARK: Survival Evolved! (OS) from the horizon

The Clawstrider pattern is flawlessly highlighted with gray and black shading, which allows the paper-white color of his armor to shine through, while the orange accents stand out brightly. In addition to the sketch, sitIsFriendly also included the tails of the Fire and Acid variants, which explode in bright yellow and green colors. Their notes also highlight the various abilities of the Claw Walker, their removable components, as well as in which Cauldron their redefinition can be obtained.

This is not the only car that was drawn by sitIsFriendly, as the day before they published a beautiful sketch of Sunwing in about the same style. This sketch follows the same artistic principles as Clawstrider from Forbidden West, although this drawing shows a much more dynamic pose similar to the one depicted on the cover. When the wings are spread out in a soaring position, the bright blue of the solar panels is filled with life. Along with this incredible work, a close-up of the Solar Wing is depicted next to a landscape watercolor image of the Solar Wing, who settled down for the night on the mountain.

I designed a Sunwing researcher’s note in the style of ARK: Survival Evolved (OC) from the horizon.

The deliberately imperfect nature of these sketches and notes really immerses the viewer in the fiction of these creatures. Moreover, due to the accuracy and attention to detail, it is hard to believe that these notes are not taken directly from the game. After careful preparation for the new Horizon sequel, artist fans and enthusiasts can look forward to the new awe-inspiring robots.

Horizon Forbidden West is currently available for PS4 and PS5.