A Horizon fan has come up with an amazing Suncatcher machine concept


No matter how old or new the video game franchise is, or even how popular it is, you can always be sure of one thing: fans of the game will continue to impress with their creativity, mods, events, cosplay and other ways. they interact with the universe of the game. The Horizon series of games from Guerilla is extremely popular and inspires fans to immerse themselves in their creative ideas and create unique and stunning things, and the visually stunning world of Horizon is definitely well suited for such artistic creativity.

Both Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West contain visually impressive characters, scenery and other assets that together create a beautiful tapestry of graphic precision and magnificent artwork. Horizon fans are constantly inspired to create art that not only imitates this beauty, but also pushes it further, reaching different heights and exploring different palettes and designs.

Redditor Frith is one such fan who publishes illustrations for the concept of a new car for the Horizon franchise called The Suncatcher, which seems to be based on the body structure of a Canadian moose — except for a large set of solar panels at the top. his head instead of horns. Frith includes various types of Suncatcher, on which they have marked certain elements of the creature’s design, such as the flame and cooling water canisters on its back, as well as the fact that all solar panels are movable and can move to catch sunlight. better. Although some of the Horizon machines are quite dangerous, the Suncatcher here looks pretty docile, similar to the franchise’s Grazers, and is content to just follow the sun to collect and store energy.

3/7 fake sketches of cars from 3 years ago, FINALLY found and finished: The Sun Catcher from the horizon

In the comments, the artist explains that they played Horizon Zero Dawn three years ago and were inspired to sketch various cars that, in their opinion, would be a great addition to the game or those that they would like to see in the sequel. The cars in the Horizon franchise are iconic, carefully thought out and designed, and it seems that Frith’s cars will fit perfectly into the world around them.

Frith includes in the comments a link to their website, which demonstrates each of the machines they have developed, including one very similar to Tremortusk from Horizon Forbidden West, and another resembling the Sunwing machine from the game. The artist created this concept art before the release of Horizon Forbidden West, which showcases their talent and vision.

The Horizon series is extremely popular in the gaming community, but it also inspires fans and artists to create beautiful illustrations based on the machines and characters of the game. Let’s hope that Guerilla will be able to continue the success of the franchise, and the world will see more and more amazing concept art created by fans.

Horizon Forbidden West is already available on PS4 and PS5.


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