A hilarious Skyrim clip shows the giant launching Nazim into the sky


Although Skyrim has been around for more than a decade, it seems that every day there is a new clip on the Internet about something fun or epic that dedicated fans do in the game. The world of Skyrim is so vast that there are so many places to explore, characters to meet, and quests to complete while players travel as Dragonborn in hopes of bringing peace to earth.

For years, Skyrim players have been battling Giants, huge enemy creatures in the game that roam the earth and deliver a pretty powerful blow. Giants usually live in small groups in their camps, and they usually keep to themselves until some unsuspecting Dragonborn or other character gets lost and stumbles into their camp.

Redditor BeefWellington publishes a clip showing how Nazim (one of the most unloved characters in Skyrim) is completely destroyed by a giant and sent into the sky. The clip takes place in the fields outside of Whiterun, so the player had to somehow manipulate Nazim to come out with them and lure him to the Giants’ camp. And, of course, the Giant, by nature, beats Nazim with his club and sends him flying into the stratosphere.

The Nazim Space Program from Skyrim

Players hate Nazim because he is a snotty, rude character who looks down on anyone who is less fortunate than he was in life, and he makes it known by saying his famous phrase: “Do you get into a Cloudy area very often? Oh, what I’m saying, of course you don’t know. The cloud district is the uppermost tier of Vaitran, the city where Nazim lives. Skyrim players find creative ways to harass Nazim, although this time it seems like the Giant is doing it for them.

The giants of Skyrim are rarely peaceful, and the player knew that if they could lure Nazim to the Giants, that would be the result. Nazim’s snobbish behavior and attitude make players struggle to find creative ways to end the NPC’s life or torment him in any way. This is one of the most interesting side quests created by the fans themselves.

Skyrim players like to find new and inventive ways to kill Nazim, forcing the guards to kill him, stealing his soul or luring him to the giants. They’ve been doing it since the game was released and will do it for years to come.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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