A hilarious Golden Ring Clip Shows That a Player Can’t Be Useful In a Co-op


Because there are so many enemies to fight in the Elden Ring, playing together can be a valuable tool when you’re fighting stronger opponents. Unfortunately, one player’s summoned co-op partner Elden Ring dropped before the boss battle even started.

This is not the first failure of the cooperative in the Elden Ring. While much has been said about meetings with the legendary Let Me Solo Her, other online teams have not gone so well. For example, two players were impaled by the same Pure Rot Knight attack and thrown to their deaths, while the other three were thrown from Mount Gelmir by the Shooting Star Beast. However, the last failure of the co-op is slightly different, as it happened even before the opponent fought.

The clip was posted by Reddit user panasoniclizard, and it documents the player’s attempt to be a “worthy partner” — a reference to Solaire of Astora from Dark Souls and his love of fun collaboration. In the video, the player walks through a wall of fog with his ally, and the Frenzied Fanatic’s health bar appears on the screen as soon as they reach the other side. While the two gamers probably planned to fight the boss together, easily coping with him, panasoniclizard accidentally turned out to be a useless co-op partner.

My valiant attempt to become a worthy employee. from Eldenring

Immediately after passing through the wall of fog, the Elden Ring player jumped forward and into the dark hole. Most likely, they expected that the boss arena would be a short distance down, although in fact a bit of platforming is required before the start of the fight. Thus, this jump led to their demise: the player fell for a few seconds before hitting the ground and dying, getting a view of the boss when he turns into ashes. The footage is funny not only because they leave their partner alone, but the fact that they missed so many ledges that could have broken their fall only adds to the humor.

Unsurprisingly, the Elden Ring community reacted well to this clip: the panasoniclizard bug earned them over 5,700 votes. The comments were full of references, the audience mentioned the opening scene of “Other Guys” and the theme “Curb your enthusiasm”. Others joked that panasoniclizard was just taking a shortcut that their co-op partner didn’t know about, and some wanted their partner to follow them and jump to his death too. Another commentator named L0mad justified the fall, saying that it probably made the panasoniclizard co-op partner laugh, since no one expected this from someone who was called to help.

Although there are many lucky players in Elden Ring, the player in this video is not one of them. However, although they were probably confused and upset at the time, their fall turned into a very comedic video.

Elden Ring is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.