A helpful review for those wondering about Galaxy Z Fold 2


Samsung finally announced the Galaxy Z Fold 2, the successor of the first generation Galaxy Fold foldable phone, earlier this month. However, the phone is not on sale yet, we expect Samsung to reveal more details about this phone on September 1st. However, before that, a Z Fold 2 model seems to have leaked out. According to SamMobile, a Chinese YouTube channel has published a review of the upcoming foldable phone.

Since the video is prepared in Chinese, we do not know exactly what the narrator said. Still, for those who want to see what an open and usable Z Fold 2 looks like and does different things, the video will be helpful. Moreover, there are a few remarkable points.

The most striking detail is the significant improvements made to the outer screen. The outer screen now covers almost the entire front of the phone.

Significant upgrades have also been made on the screen inside. The 7.6 inch screen does not only offer a wider viewing area than the 7.3 inch panel of the first Fold model. At the same time, the camera hole of the Z Fold 2 takes up less space than the notch that completely covers the upper right corner.

One future feature is striking: It looks like you can also use the Galaxy Z Fold 2’s front screen as a viewfinder for the rear cameras. Thus, Z Fold 2 will be more useful for those who take video diaries or those who want to take high quality selfie photos. The first Fold model did not provide such an opportunity, so it seems that the new model will gain an important feature that will attract users.

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A usage mode of Z Fold 2 called “Flex Mode” is also shown in the video. In fact, Samsung previously brought this together with another phone with a foldable screen, the Galaxy Z Flip. By transforming the phone into a stand format, it is possible to show different contents on each screen segment.

However, when the Z Fold 2 is fully opened, a noticeable wrinkle appears in the center of its screen. Even if ultra thin glass was used instead of the plastic used in the first Fold model, the situation does not change. In fact, this is not surprising, because when the ultra-thin glass is used on the Z Flip’s foldable screen, such a wrinkle was formed.

If you’re wondering what the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will actually look like, then we recommend that you wait until September 1st. Only then can you manage with this review video that leaked until then.


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