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Blumhouse Productions is making an attempt to introduce queer in their film “They/They”, and the cast of “They/They” play an integral role in bringing the socio-thriller to life. They/They combine slasher horror with social commentary, telling about a group of LGBTQ+ teenagers in a conversion camp. As the program progresses, campers must experience both the disturbing methods of the camp and the killer stalking the territory, giving the cast an opportunity to “They/They are able to express themselves in various nuances of roles.

After decades of writing scripts for projects such as Gladiator and Skyfall, John Logan is making his directorial debut with the film They/They. In “Them/Them,” Logan builds the complex relationship of the horror genre with sexuality and gender in order to directly address these topics. The film also has personal significance for Logan, as he sought to create heroic queer characters he had never seen as a child.

The film promises to celebrate the liberation of LGBTQIA+ and keeps queer and trans actors in the spotlight. Logan insisted on authentic casting, resulting in a diverse cast. They / They also boast a mix of old and new talents with a cast ranging from the famous actor Kevin Bacon to new stars like Darwin del Fabro. With so many new and familiar faces, here’s a guide to the cast and characters of “Them/Them.”

Kevin Bacon as Owen Whistler

Kevin Bacon returns to horror slasher as Owen Whistler, the director of Whistler’s camp. Logan chose Bacon for his ability to switch between charming and intimidating, a skill that makes good use of his role as an increasingly intimidating camp director. During his distinguished career, Bacon also played the rebellious newcomer Ren in “Free”, and also starred in the cult genre hit “Friday the 13th”.

Carrie Preston as Dr. Cora Whistler

Carrie Preston appears as Dr. Cora Whistler in They/They, the wife of Owen Whistler and a camp therapist. Dr. Whistler poses a psychological threat, destroying the campers’ sense of identity in creepy one-on-one sessions. Preston previously played lawyer Elsbeth Tascioni in the films The Good Wife and The Good Fight.

Anna Klamsky as Molly

Camp nurse Molly is a new employee of Camp Whistler. Molly, played by Anna Klamsky, may not be as convinced of the Whistler ideology as she seems. Klamsky’s past roles include Amy Bruckheimer in the sitcom VEEP.

Theo Germain as Jordan

In “They/They” non-ordinary tourist Jordan becomes the leader of teenagers as the danger increases. Skeptical from the very beginning, they plunge into the dark past of the camp in search of answers. Jordan is played by Theo Germain, best known for playing James Sullivan in the Netflix series “The Politician.”

Kay Tann as Alexandra

Kay Tann plays Alexandra, who hides her transition from the camp staff. Tann has already worked with Blumhouse Productions, playing LuckyDuck in Cam. She is known for the roles of Peyton Osborne in the film “How to get Away with Murder” and Jennifer in the film “Dear White People”.

Anna Lore as Kim

The closed tourist Kim is played by the star Katie Anna Lohr. Kim hopes Whistler’s camp will help her adjust after hiding her attraction to women for years. Laure played Penny Farthing in the comedy drama “Fatal Patrol” and Cindy in “Pretending”.

Monique Kim as Veronica

Bisexual tinka Veronica is tired of hiding. “What/If” and “Looks That Kill” actress Monique Kim plays Veronica. Her most extensive work was for High Expectasians, where she received recognition for acting, screenwriting, producing, editing, and creating the soundtrack.

Darwin del Fabro as Gabriel

Gabriel is tired of being bullied because of his sexuality, but his motives for visiting Whistler’s camp are more complicated than they seem. Gabriel is played by actor and musician Darwin del Fabro. Although “They/They” is del Fabro’s first film, he previously appeared in the TV series “Dangerous Liaisons” and “Novo Mundo”.

Austin is Cool as Toby

Although Toby is proud to be gay, he traded a week at Whistler’s camp for a trip to New York. Krut’s famous films include the coming-of-age film “Bookstore” and “Dawn”, where he plays Alan and Westley Fists, respectively. Like del Fabro, he also has a musical career.

Cooper Koch as Stu

Athlete Stu hopes that Whistler Camp will be able to cure his attraction to members of his own sex. Stu is played by Cooper Koch, who recently starred as Benjamin in “Swallowed.” Koch has also appeared in such short films as “4 Floors Up” and “Decadeless”.

They / they are minor actors and characters

Hayley Griffeth as Sarah, the camp counselor. Griffith has previously appeared in The Mysteries of Laura.

Boone Platt as Zane – a former tourist who does sports at the camp. Before appearing in They/They, Platt played Sergeant Gardner Grayle in Black Lightning.


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