A Guide to Making Money in Stardew Valley: Year One


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There are a lot of quests and tasks for players who are just starting the passage of Stardew Valley. From choosing between JojaMart and a Community Center to exploring local mines, it can be difficult to focus on just one goal. However, for those who want to focus solely on earning gold in the first year of Stardew Valley, changing priorities during the year may be helpful.

As with most goals in Stardew Valley, time management is an important part of earning gold. However, even with this skill, there are many obstacles between players and getting gold. This guide will help those who want to earn a significant amount of gold in the first year of the game.

What is the best way to make money with Farming in Stardew Valley

In general, earnings in Stardew Valley are mainly related to planting and harvesting. Focusing on specific crops that generate the most profit during the season is the best way to invest in increasing the player’s farming level as well as his well—being. It is important not to forget to save all the juice that players collect when cutting down trees, as this is the only ingredient needed to create the main fertilizer. The main fertilizer should be used whenever possible during planting to improve the quality and therefore the value of the crop when reselling.

Spring crops

The first season of the first year can be challenging, but there are several crops that are guaranteed to be profitable for those who invest in them. The first of these is the first harvest that players receive in the game: parsnips. Despite the fact that parsnip seeds are an undervalued spring crop in the Stardue Valley, parsnip seeds are associated with tulip bulbs as the least expensive crop of the season with a price in Pierre’s department store of 20 gold.

Although the difference between the purchase price and the resale value (35 gold) is small, they can be bought in huge quantities. For example, players who can invest 1000 gold in the spring harvest can plant 50 parsnips, earn 750 gold profit after 4 days and increase their farming level by 400 experience points. Investing the same amount in cauliflower means planting 12 crops, making 1,100 gold profit in 12 days and raising the farming level in Stardew Valley by 276 experience points.

Summer crops

In the summer of the first year of Stardew Valley, blueberries and hot peppers should appear on the player’s farm. Pepper seeds can be bought for 40 gold, and they are an example of a crop that yields several harvests. It grows in 5 days and grows back in 3 more, producing a maximum of 8 harvests in summer. Even at the base price, players recoup their investment with the first harvest of the season.

Blueberries, on the other hand, take longer to grow (13 days) and regrow (4 days), but still yield 4 crops during the season. The advantage of this crop is that each plant yields at least 3 blueberries. Thus, investing 1,500 gold in Pierre’s department store in this summer harvest in Stardue Valley will bring more than 9,300 gold profit by the end of the summer.

Autumn crops

Aside from the rare seeds that can cost a fortune in a Traveling Cart in Stardew Valley, Eggplants are the best choice for those who want to make a profit in their first fall. Eggplant seeds cost only 20 gold from Pierre, the base fruits are sold for 60 gold, and they grow every 5 days. Investing 1,500 gold in Pierre’s department store in this harvest will bring in more than 21,000 gold during this season.

Increasing the level of farming can increase the profit from the harvest, as well as open up the possibility of turning fruits and vegetables into jelly or pickles with the help of a tin can. This crafting option in Stardew Valley becomes available at farming level 4 and costs 50 units of wood, 40 stones and 8 units of coal per jar. Although this increases the time between the player planting the harvest and receiving the reward, any version of the harvest can be sold for double the cost of basic fruits or vegetables plus 50.

What is the best way to make money from animal husbandry in Stardew Valley

During the first year in Stardew Valley, players can reasonably purchase a chicken coop, barn, or both. The easiest way, especially for those who direct most of their funds to crop production, is to buy a chicken coop and fill it with chickens. The total investment for the smallest coop and four chickens is 7,200 gold, and these animals will mature in 3 nights. A mature hen produces an egg every day, and the key to recouping this cost is the creation of machines for the production of mayonnaise, each of which costs 15 units of wood, 15 units of stone, 1 crystal of earth and 1 copper ingot.

Four mayonnaise a day can be sold for 760 gold, which means that it takes only 10 days with adult chickens to recover this cost.


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