A GTA Online fan patch will be released


Earlier this month we showed here a GTA Online fan who managed to reduce the game’s loading times by more than 70%, and isn’t it that Rockstar realized how well he had done? Now she will officially launch an update herself thanks to her work!

Remember to thank the programmer t0st the next time you play, as he was the one who discovered, by himself, the magic formula to optimize the loading process, which in the past could have taken up to five minutes! He noted that about 2 billion items were randomly checked during loading, taking the new loading time to just one minute and 50 seconds after “cutting the fat”.

In testing the effectiveness of this patch, Rockstar went public and said that “after investigating thoroughly, we can guarantee that the t0st player has really revealed an aspect of our code that could be improved. As a result, we made changes that will be implemented in a future update. . We thank you for your efforts! ”

He also received a $ 10,000 in-game reward for his achievements, and will be able to have even more fun while he waits for the official patch to be released, with no date set for the PC. Did you also find the old loading too slow? Comment below!


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