A Golden Ring player found art in a museum very similar to a prisoner’s helmet


The Elden Ring player found a museum piece of art very similar to the Prisoner’s helmet from the game. The helmet, called the Prisoner’s Iron Mask, is part of a set of armor known in the game as the Prisoner’s Kit, and will be recognized by anyone who has chosen a Prisoner as their entry class in the Elden Ring. Although the exact location of the museum has not been confirmed, the similarity is striking.

The Iron mask of the prisoner in the Elden Ring is a starting helmet for the Prisoner class, which is a hybrid—type starting class focused on high dexterity and intelligence. The helmet is distinguished in the game by its unique and creepy appearance, in which the entire player’s head is encased in iron, except for one eye and a mouth hole. The helmet can be obtained in the game by choosing a Prisoner from the elementary classes in the Elden Ring or by buying it from a very specific merchant in a large open world.

A post by user BowlSerious on Reddit shows real art resembling an iron prisoner mask. Although it’s hard to tell what art is made of just from a photograph or where this museum is located in the world, the main focus on the poster and the responses on Reddit is on its strong resemblance to the iron mask of a prisoner. This work of art looks just like the iron mask of a prisoner in the game, even with a hole for one eye and an open mouth. This is not the first time that players have discovered things in real life that resemble objects from the game, for example, a fan who discovered a real stone resembling a giant blacksmith’s stone in the Elden Ring.

The Reddit post is labeled as humor and is clearly trying to make Elden Ring fans laugh, and with over 7,600 votes at the time of writing, it seems like many fans like to see another real version of the subject. out of the game. Further comments on Reddit, after acknowledging how similar the helmet is to the one in the game, continue the discussion of how powerful the helmet actually is in the game, as it is one of the most balanced and easily accessible helmets. In addition to armor and items, there were other similar creations from real life, such as the sculpture of an enemy fingerwing in the Elden Ring.

In a game as extensive and detailed as Elden Ring, it’s hard not to notice and get excited when players find real-world objects that remind them of their time spent in the Inter-Earths. Like exploring and admiring the game world of Elden Ring in the hope of finding an adventure and stumbling upon it, some fans accidentally discover that part of their adventures also take place in real life.

Elden Ring is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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